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wo, 1 Accommodations - Candlelight Forest = Chattanooga Resort
Phone: (706) 944-9065


We invite you to stay overnight in the Candlelight Forest!

We have 4 charming options for you to choose from:


America's very first Idea House

This Old House is the first show home created by This Old House. Located just 18 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, this mountain craftsmen home is beautifully decorated with several modern amenities. The home is nestled on the side of a ridge and overlooks a seasonal brook and a charming farmstead, The Plucky Peacock.


Sleeps 8 | 4 bedrooms | 3 bath


a charming treehouse

Sophie's Roost sleeps 6 and has a deck featuring our signature Canopy Kitchenette for a unique outdoor grilling experience. The treehouse is professionally decorated by Sophie's Shoppe of Chattanooga.


Sleeps 6 | 2 bedrooms | 1.5 bath


a 2nd charming treehouse

Le Petit Chateau sleeps 6 and has a deck featuring our signature Canopy Kitchenette for a unique outdoor grilling experience. The treehouse is beautifully decorated in the french farmhouse style.


Sleeps 6 | 2 bedrooms | 1.5 bath

DSC00309 (2)

a Bavarian-style lodge

Its Bavarian nuanced Architecture reminisces of what the Brothers
Grim might have envisioned as a befitting lodge on the edge of a
great forest, welcoming its guests entering and exiting with new
tales to be told.


Sleeps 10, 19, or 23 | 6 bedrooms | 6.5 bath | loft

HOURS: Monday-Saturday: 9-5  and  Sunday 1-5              9862 Hwy 193 Chickamauga, GA  30707